How to Handle the Race Suspension Tuning of Your Vehicle

Intelligent handling of an automobile is extremely important to make sure its good functioning over an extended period of time. Generally, you can find two critical indicators in the handling of a car over-steer and under-steer. In over-steer, tires installed in the rear of the vehicle lose friction first rather than the front tires. In such instances, the rear of the car is considered loose. In such instances the vehicle slips to another side while turning.

There is also difficulty in handling the automobile when it is near to the extremity of control. Under-steer is the other major denominator. This phenomenon is also referred to as tight or push. In cases like this leading wheels of the vehicle come first with regards to losing friction in comparison to the rear wheels. In this situation it is difficult to turn the automobile while driving.

The main objective of car suspension tuning is to place the automobile in neutral mode. Both the above stated modes can be harmful for the automobile. In the neutral mode, it is easier to control the vehicle. Utilizing the throttle you can turn anywhere you want. Throttle enhances the flexibleness of the automobile while turning. This makes driving easier, safer and much more enjoyable.

It is simpler to control a vehicle, when it is in neutral state. The tires will love greater durability due to less wear and tear. While driving, the laps also become quicker. Sometimes an over-steering car can also produce quick laps. But for this purpose expert driving is necessary. If the driver is inexperienced or if his reflexes are poor then your vehicle will drift to the incorrect side in a vulnerable angle. This may also reduce the driving speed. If you want to use an over-steering car you also need an experienced driver. A newcomer driver would not be able to handle the situation.

In KW Suspension of the under-steering car, there are restrictions in movement because of the holding of front tires on the highway. It would not be possible even for a skilled driver to drive the under-steering vehicle smoothly. But people generally prefer to keep their vehicle in under-steer mode for insuring greater stability. But an under-steering vehicle is not fit for long drives. It is difficult for the automobile to catch higher speeds in this mode during long travel. The driver might also find it difficult to control the vehicle sometimes during long travel.


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